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Join us from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Sunday for the 11th Annual Alexandria King Street Art Festival, where you’ll see the work of over 200 participating artists . We’ve arrived in Alexandria and everything is almost ready! We want to remind you of a few things:

1) Each show, Howard Alan Events gives patrons an opportunity to take home a piece from a featured artist during our featured artist giveaway. Well, Alexandria, this time, you have two chances to win, because we have two featured artists for the Alexandria King Street Art Festival! Here’s some information about the giveaways and the artists.

VA landscape * One of the winners will win a 24” x 48” limited edition Giclée print on canvas of ”Virginia Landscape” by Kathleen Green (, valued at $595. Ohio’s own Kathleen Green has been working out of her Groveport studio as a full-time artist since 1990, but this self-taught talent started painting in 1982. Her gift for capturing the tangible on canvas using oil paints has been well received by the world locally, nationally and internationally, and her desire to paint the essence of what she sees and feels translates into passionate brush strokes that tell a story far better than the most refined art student. Visit Kathleen Green in booth #114, where you can enter to win ‘Virginia Landscape’.

Magical Horizons I * The second winner will receive a custom framed 18″ x 26″ print of “Magical Horizon I” by talented artist Cheryl Summers (, valued at $300. As a Renaissance woman of sorts, Cheryl Summers has loved artistic expression from an early age, from many different angles. Whether it was painting, music or acting, she was a shining star of it all and today, she has found her niche. For the past twenty years, as a full-time painter, Cheryl has received accolades from both clients and peers, utilizing the combination of vivid color combinations and intricate curves and patterns in her pieces to tell a very real story. See some of her work at , and come see Cheryl Summers in booth #194, where you can enter to win ‘Magical Horizons I). 

The prizes will be on display at each artist’s booth throughout the weekend where registration will also take place until 4:00 pm on Sunday when the winning tickets will be drawn. No purchase is necessary to participate in the giveaways.

2) In the News:

Alexandria Preview * The Alexandria Times has mentioned the Alexandria Art Festival!

* Our event is listed on the Washington Post’s Going Out Guide!

* Thanks to Visit Alexandria VA for their continued support of this wonderful event!

* Listen to Art Beat with Lauren Landau to hear our mention on the program!

These are just a few of many, many mentions in the media. Visit throughout the weekend for more info and to stay up-to-date on festival photos and happenings.

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