Frumples are a dream come true. I am a potter and worked in a studio with 3-8 others potters for years. We did not own a pugmill (machine that remixes scraps into usable clay) so I kept all the scraps in zip lock bags. I had the FRUMPLE dream and my sister said make something and I used all the scraps to make little faces — all different colors just like people. I started dreaming poems. I could say a word/subject/place, 10 times before bed and then wake up with a poem on the tip of my tongue. This went on for months. I would print and laminate the poems on little cards. I put out bowls of FRUMPLES and the cards and people could pick a FRUMPLE to go with the title of the card they liked in Fanueil Hall in Boston a few months a year and at a few craft shows in New England, where I am originally from.
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  1. Julie Wilson says:

    Looking for some frumples… R u still selling them? Contact me at email above. Julie

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