ebaf5d16078f08e605465ff93142a4e3 David Sigel has developed genuine creativity as a self-taught artist. His art is heavily influenced by the natural Florida landscape. He has a truly unique style with his use of Italian painting knives and natural hog-bristle brushes, creating a unique and impressive three dimensional effect in his works. He uses the finest pure pigment oil paints in a heavy impasto wet-on-wet layered style often so thick he can carve his signature into the layers of paint. David can often produce a painting in as little as a day, though more complicated pieces can take weeks. His work can be purchased online and through art shows he attends throughout the south.
Cell: (813)846-6383
Email: David@DavidSigelART.com
Web: http://www.DavidSigelART.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/DavidSigelARTIST



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