DSCI0729 Chuck Gardner has tailored the weathered look of the flags over the years, but his fundamental style and technique came from the teachings of his art mentor, Jennifer Moore, in the north Georgia mountains. A few classes in
art at San Diego State University, along with a business degree, have helped him in all his ventures through the years. Chuck built a contracting business in Georgia and worked in residential and commercial settings where he learned many of the faux finishing techniques used on his flags.

A philosophy of renew and re-use has been a prime focus. Much of the 150-year-old wood he uses has been rescued from the burn pile. Chuck makes each piece seem as old as the wood it is made from by using a specific antiquing method he learned from his mentor. No one has been able to pry the secret from him yet, and he keeps his paint formula tightly concealed.

Chuck uses each board to its best fit when it comes to balancing the rough and textured nature of the finished flag. Hand finishing insures just the right look.

Chuck would hope that the flags remind people of a more civil time in American history; a time way back, when we were all brothers and sisters, one country undivided under God.
Email: flagmanchuck@gmail.com
Web: http://www.folkartflags.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/flagmanchuck
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