As Thanksgiving week gets under way, there’s quite a bit of running around. Now that the Lake Worth Beach ArtFest proved to be a success, we’re doing a little running around of our own, getting ready for Thanksgiving and then for the 2nd Annual Madeira Beach Thanksgiving Weekend Craft Festival. The holiday reminds us why events like these are so important: They give you a chance to unwind, take things slow and enjoy life.

restOf course, as soon as the holidays hit, there’s this sense of urgency in the air that’s hard to shake, and it all starts with Thanksgiving. To-do lists and dinner menus get us stressed and we feel like we’re perpetually in a hurry. When dinner is finally on the table, though, we can relax and truly enjoy – until it’s time to clean up.

Why not relax the entire weekend? Believe it or not, there are ways to take it easy, even in the most hectic moments. Here are some great tips on unwinding now and after the holiday:

  1. Take a break. When things start getting a bit hectic, do the last thing you think will help – walk away for a few minutes. Taking a break from the madness will help you slow down and get focused again.
  2. Get organized. Speaking of focus, how can you if you’re surrounded by the holiday chaos? Take time to organize something, like a drawer or your spice rack. Organization can help you feel less overwhelmed.
  3. gailsmallWrite thank you notes. Once the dinner is over, rather than stressing about Christmas, sit for a bit and thank the people who came to your dinner. It’s a nice gesture and it will help you relax.
  4. Read a book. Even if only for a couple of minutes at a time, reading a book and escaping the craziness momentarily can help you gain perspective and slow your brain down.
  5. Eliminate one thing. We often take on too much when planning Thanksgiving dinner. When it gets too overwhelming, skip the homemade pies and intricate holiday dishes and go for ready-to-eat varieties. Or better yet, have guests bring a dish.
  6. Create a playlist. Nothing soothes holiday anxiety like great seasonal tunes. Why not create a holiday playlist that will get you in the mood for entertaining?
  7. Skip Black Friday. Whatever you do, the last thing you need is the stress of battling the masses at your local big box store for a television.
  8. Start a hobby. The post-holiday drop-off is the perfect time to try that new crafting technique you’ve been dying to do, or take up sewing like you planned. Consider getting a new hobby as a way to relax.
  9. Get some sleep. Sleep during the holidays is absolutely essential for proper body function, for relaxation and well-being.
  10. Take the weekend off. The weekend following a major holiday is a great time to get away and regroup.

ThankYouWhat better place to calm your sense from the holiday craziness than at the beach? The 2nd Annual Madeira Beach Thanksgiving Weekend Craft Festival is the perfect place to unwind after this week’s stress. Enjoy beautiful, eclectic and original crafts, handmade with love in the U.S. by our talented participating crafters. Skip the post=Thanksgiving shopping madness and find your holiday gifts at this weekend’s craft festival. It’s happening Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. in gorgeous Madeira Way. Admission is free and it’s open to the public.

THANK YOU! From all of us at American Craft Endeavors, we want to thank you for your patronage, support and hard work. None of this would be possible without you — the crafters, the visitors, the venues, the ACE family. Thank you all.

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