Kim-Oberholtzer Kim Colvard Oberholtzer is a Florida-based artist who captures nature’s beauty in abstract garden, landscape and beach paintings that evokes emotion and a sense of peacefulness. “Kim’s work is placed in my home so I can see it every morning,” says a long time friend and patron. “Her painting Key West Sunset draws the viewer into the image of being at the sandy beach, watching the sunset with the one you love. Breathtaking!”

“Every time I walk by Kim’s painting I stop and gaze at it and immediately my spirits are lifted with the beauty of the colors and the ocean scene. Kim’s painting makes me sooooo happy,” says an art patron.

This is a theme for Kim who paints out of her studio overlooking the beautiful saltwater lake and beautiful flower garden in Cape Coral, Florida. “I hear from people all the time who tell me how vibrate the colors are and that the paintings make them feel good” says Kim. She adds, “Nature and the beauty surrounding us inspire my creative thinking, my artwork and my soul.” Natural landscapes, beaches, gardens, flowers and water influence her work heavily. Kim’s paintings are inspired from photographs of beautiful gardens, waterfalls and sunsets. Traveling frequently, she has many paintings influenced by photographs taken of the famous Butchart Gardens, in Victoria Canada and landscapes from Ireland’s countryside and beautiful beaches in Florida and the beaches of St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Within her current collection, she tries to evoke a sense of peace and calmness within one’s soul. With many of her new pieces, she has incorporated cotton fibers and heavy gels with acrylic paint to create a greater depth to her work. Some of her pieces have actually been painted with cotton balls.
Kim’s work is featured in her gallery, law offices, professional offices and private collections throughout North America. She is a popular contributor to many juried art exhibitions and festivals in the Georgia/Florida area. For Kim, art is not simply a creative channel, it is her passion and a way of sharing her views that nature, in all of its form, creates a canvas worth celebrating.

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Studio Phone Number: (404)547-0866

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