420004_3342261525731_1688175363_n-2 I have had a fascination and love for photography since my Grandfather handed me the camera for a road trip adventure with him. I never thought of myself as particularly artistic, but when I have a camera in my hands I feel that I am able to create something beautiful and unique. I found an even deeper love of the art form when I discovered the magic in the darkroom. I could produce different moods utilizing different techniques in exposure, processing and printing. Since I have always had eclectic tastes, the versatility offered through those choices was alluring. It truly felt like magic to me. Now I am working with digital imagery. When I open an image I am able to bring to life what I see with my mind’s eye. My images begin in the RAW format. I usually begin producing multiple layers with various filters and effects. I then add and subtract from the various components of the image. Some parts of the image might only have one layer, while others may have as many as eight layers or effects to produce the look and feel that I wish to convey. Occasionally I find an image that stands alone in its beauty and uniqueness and I only wish to share it in its simplicity. I want the viewer to wonder where these magical beings and items are.

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Landing Strip

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