NJ-New-Year-2011 At a very young age I was in the family jewelry business in New York and stopped at a Gem Booth I felt absolutely hypnotized, because I have this primitive instinct to be attracted to small shiny objects. Well, I spent the whole day there and brought home the bag of gemstones with the feeling that I just must have to make something beautiful from it. Since that moment I design and create unique jewelry…

My life has been all about creativity. Designing jewelry for the family business for twenty two years gave the path to design and create my jewelry collection since 2001. My love of travel and especially art is my major influence in creating my collection.

The incredible positive feedback I’ve received throughout the years continues to inspire me. Your appreciation of my work is of unmeasurable value.

Cell: (407)484-1266
Email: sophia.stern24@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sophia.stern.334
Twitter: @sternsophia


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