OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Come and explore these one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces and enjoy wearing them for years to come. As a self-taught jewelry artist for over 10 years, my unique jewelry designs have been honored at several art shows up and down the east coast. Each one of my handcrafted crocheted pieces are created with the finest gemstones, pearls, crystals, silver and gold to ensure great quality in every piece. My work has received two first place awards for it’s unique look and was also chosen 1 of 50 out of 600 juried pieces of art for the 50th Chautauqua National Exhibition Of American Art in New York.
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Circles of Hope
Pure Elegance
Ocean Splendor
Timeless Treasures
Rose of Thornes

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  1. Sheryl Blais says:

    Each one of my pieces are hand crafted which means quality, creativity, uniqueness and a whole lot of love.

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