IMG_1278 Presently living in High Springs, Florida, Tina Corbett has devoted her life to her love of art. She studied Commercial Art at Miami Lakes Tech and served as the Postal Art Illustrator for the South Florida District Post Office for 17 years until her move to northern Florida. There she has decided to pursue her first love, Fine Art Oil Painting.

This area of Florida has inspired her creativity with its “artsy” spirit and its wonderful array of springs, beautiful ranches, farms and historic “Old Florida.” She also paints figurative and animal paintings, pet portraits and commissions are always welcomed.

She is an active member of the Gainesville Fine Arts Association, Plein Air Florida and The High Springs Art Coop.
Cell: (386)588-4163
Studio Phone Number: (386)588-4163
Twitter: Tina Lanza Corbett @TinaCorbett

Three Turtles on the River
Lilly Pads

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  1. Tina,

    Your inspiration of your first love shows brightly on your canvas. We have been friends for many years in another career. Hope our artistry paths cross as neighbors at one of the the “A” shows.

    • Tina Corbett says:

      Hey Karen I just found this, too funny I never realized I had a comment. I would love for us to do the same show. One of these days hopefully we will as I explore more shows. You definitely have a wider range of shows and do them more often. I bounce between Coop Gallery commitments, local exhibitions, Plein Air events and festivals. How we hook up in 2015.

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