The next couple of weeks will be a hustle for us; we’ll no doubt be roaming from store to store, searching for that perfect gift for our significant others. Here’s an idea, though: Why not skip the mall and head to the 20th Anniversary Siesta Key Craft Festival this Saturday and Sunday 10-5 at the beautiful Siesta Key Village in Sarasota, Florida? With over 100 crafters and artists sharing their exciting works with the audiences who visit our shows every weekend, we’re absolutely certain that you’ll find something lovely for your significant other.

Why Give Handmade?

So, why choose something handmade rather than just another store trinket to show your sweetie that you care? Well, American Craft Endeavors prides itself in sharing the works of artists who are passionate about their handcrafted and homemade creations. They put a lot of love and care into their pieces, works of art and even their recipes. There is something really special about giving something to someone you love that represents the level of dedication and care invested in something beautiful. What a lovely message to send your Valentine this year, right?

kevanbreitingerPlus, where else will you find such unique, handcrafted works of art? Getting your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or even your little ones, a gift that was crafted especially for someone who would love it is a powerful statement. Just as the piece you’ve gifted is unique and one of a kind, so is the recipient of the gift. What a bold and beautiful statement to make!

This isn’t about just jewelry and candy, either. If your loved one is an art collector, there’s nothing more compelling than giving them something interesting by an artist they love, or even by an artist they’ve never heard of before. American Craft Endeavors crafters are handpicked from a large group of applicants — some of them are award-winning veterans in their respective medium or industry, while others are sublimely talented crafters finally getting the chance to showcase their work in an open venue with lots of exposure to new admirers.

siesta keyDon’t Miss the Siesta Key Craft Festival!

Whether you’re looking for a special piece of jewelry to give your love this Valentine’s Day, or you’re in search of the perfect photograph for the collector in your life, you will be sure to find it at the Siesta Key Craft Festival this Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm at the Siesta Key Village in Sarasota. There is no admission and the event is open to all ages, so come on out and say hello!


The American Craft Endeavors Street Team is in full force, and we love seeing the festival from your perspective. Don’t forget to tag each Instagram post you make from Siesta Key Village this weekend with #SiestaKeyCraftFestival and follow us at @CraftFestivals today. Artists and patrons alike are welcome to use our hashtag to tag photos of the Siesta Key Craft Festival this weekend, so let’s make it happen! Be a part of our Instagram Street Team today!

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