crabby-robbi-xmas-2013-12-26-005-2 Did you know that mosaic art is one of the oldest arts there is? Back in earlier times, it was a sign of wealth and status, I suppose because it takes so long to make. Properly made mosaic art work should last a long time and makes an excellent family heirloom to be passed down through the generations.

I’ve been up cycling old china, porcelain, lamps, vases, anything that breaks for over 16 years. I also incorporate trinkets and treasures I find along life’s pathways from beaches to thrift stores. A lot of people find and save things for me if they break, or even commission me to work with items and antiques they already have, like pieces of their grand mother’s china.

True mosaic is time consuming and hand laid, piece by piece. You can either follow a pre-planned pattern or do as I usually do and just let your imagination go as you progress. It can be very therapeutic. The adhered pieces are then grouted, cleaned, polished and sealed.

When starting out, I just covered things with mosaic. Table tops, frames, mirrors, bowling balls … you can mosaic just about any solid item that doesn’t move. I’ve evolved into sculpting my own forms and then mosaicking. That way, I own the entire thing.

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  1. Paula says:

    Were you on Cory Ave. today with a mosiac green square glass table? If so, I want to buy it! Thanks, Paula Engel

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