This weekend, at the Art Fest by the Sea, hosted by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce, David Fernandez will be giving away one of these beautiful putters as part of the Featured Art Giveaway. There is no purchase necessary to enter, but you must be present at the festival for a chance to win. Just visit David’s booth at the Art Fest by the Sea in Jupiter/Juno Beach any time before the drawing, which happens at 4 p.m. Sunday.


As a lover of all things golf and a talented artist of many years, melding the two worlds was an organic transition, and it shows: each Precision Art Putter is uniquely made according to U.S.G.A. regulations, so they can be more than just an art piece. In the third of our four-post blog series, Howard Alan Events is taking you into the next step of David Fernandez’ intricate process for creating his beautiful and one-of-a-kind clay art putters.


Step # 3:  Carving Style

On Tuesday, we shared the first step in the process — how David’s original clay composite formula is mixed to create a lump of clay that is then turned in the potter’s wheel — and on Wednesday we talked about how the lump is then molded and cut to fit U.S.G.A. specifications. Once the cut at an angle is made, a unique pattern is carved on the top surface of the clay putter head, along with a center sighting line. Then, the putter is left to dry completely.

Join us tomorrow for the last installment of this four-part series. In the meantime, visit our Facebook event for the Art Fest by the Sea and tell us if you’re stopping by. Are you a participating artist? Don’t forget to post a pic of your artwork and your booth number so everyone knows where to find you. You can also share your pics on Instagram by following us at @CraftFestivals and hashtagging your pics with #ArtFestbytheSea so we can see the festival from your eyes.

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