craftfestivalthevillagesAmerican Craft Endeavors has been bringing top-quality craft festivals to craft lovers all over Florida for years. Why? Because crafting is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Our crafters pair skills and imagination to bring you products, creations and decor pieces that make an impression, showing without a shadow of a doubt that crafting is one of the most rewarding hobbies to take up.

Are you thinking about taking up a craft project? Whether you’re all about DIY life hacks or you get your inspiration for craft projects from timely Internet memes, there’s no doubt that crafting can help bring out the very best of your imagination and can help you succeed. It’s also great for your health! A recent article on asserts that taking up crafting can help those suffering from anxiety and chronic depression, while also protect you from the damage caused to the brain by aging. What’s more, there are plenty of craft types to choose from that will achieve the same levels of satisfaction and good health. So don’t get stuck in “looking for a craft to take up”.

Here are some crafts we’ve seen over the years that could jog your creativity in the right direction and maybe even make you a little happier and healthier in the process:

markslavenJewelry making. Whether you love the pretty and casual or the elaborate and fancy, there is room for every kind of jewelry crafter in the world. Making jewelry can be a great way to express your creativity, but what’s more, it’s a great way to wear your creativity. What better feeling than to wear — or see someone wear — something you made?

Quilting. For the detail-oriented and methodical at heart, quilting is the perfect creative activity to engage in. The sky’s the limit when it comes to patterns too – with so many different fabrics available and so many quilt patterns to explore, your project will no doubt become a really fun endeavor. And who knows? You may be making the next family heirloom in the process.

Woodworking. If you like working with your hands and love the smell of sawdust, woodworking is the craft to take up. It also fills the need to create functional pieces for your friends or for yourself – pieces that will be used and cherished time and time again. Whether you’re building a bookcase or a coffee table, there’s no question that woodworking is a relaxing yet thrilling craft.

hildeebatesPottery. When someone says pottery, there’s a chance your mind goes to a wheel and some clay and, for others, and entire mess. But isn’t that the fun of it? Pottery is a messy art, but at the end of the mess you’ll have a beautiful, possibly functional piece that can decorate your home or someone else’s. And like woodworking, there’s great pride in completing a large project that you know will be cherished by loved ones for years to come.

Sewing. Whether you own a machine or you’re braving it by hand, sewing combines all of the best skills and creative aspects you can think of. You can not only create clothing you or others love, but you can make an ensemble that turns heads by making fabric accessories. There are plenty of sewing projects for all levels of skill out there, so no matter what your experience with sewing is, you can only get better with time.

Whether you’re just taking up crafting or you’ve been a craft lover for years, The Villages is the place to be this weekend for the 18th Annual The Villages Craft Festival at Brownwood Paddock Square. Are you ready? If you’re looking for great crafts, fun interactions with working crafters and a chance to spend quality time with family and friends, you need look no further than this weekend’s craft festival. Bring your family to this free and open-to-all-ages event Saturday and Sunday, from 10-5 at the Brownwood Paddock Square in The Villages. See you there!

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