166236_590971080927330_1889100196_nGet ready to join American Craft Endeavors this weekend in Osceola Street at the 17th Annual Downtown Stuart Craft Fair. With over 100 crafters ready to put their work out on display at this beautiful location, and with plenty to see and do before and after the festival during the weekend, there’s no doubt that this is a show you won’t want to miss.

This will be our 17th year producing this show, and it’s very exciting for us. It’s exciting because producing this show for these many years means that you guys are attending the festivals, bringing your families to the festivals and enjoying yourselves. We don’t blame you! Come and learn about your favorite crafters and artists. Find out how they go through the process of creating useful and attractive pieces for admirers to wear, display or even use in their home. Because from apparel to home decor, there’s little you won’t find at the Downtown Stuart Craft Fair.

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What makes this venue so special, though, is the surrounding area. With great businesses like the BMerry Gastro Pub welcoming both crafters and patrons to the area, there’s no question that we’ve always felt at home in Stuart, and you will too. There’s something for everyone on Osceola Street as well as at the craft fair, and the best part is that checking it all out is that anyone can stop by– attendance to ACE events is free and open to all ages, so feel free to bring your family and friends to this incredible annual event.

It’s the same way with all of our other shows, and man, do we have some amazing shows coming up in the next few weeks or what? We have The Villages Craft Festival at the gorgeous Brownwood Paddock Square in The Villages on April 19-20. The Villages was recently named the fastest-growing town in America. Come to next week’s craft festival and see why! And at the end of the month, get ready for one of our most fun shows of the season. Together with Howard Alan Events, we’re producing the 36th Annual Siesta Fiesta in beautiful Sarasota! Arts, crafts, food and entertainment — you can’t ask for anything more!

Check out American Craft Endeavors on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest on our fine crafts festivals and don’t forget this weekend is the Downtown Stuart Craft Fair. Be sure to hashtag your social media pictures taken at the show with our weekend craft show’s hashtag, #DowntownStuartCraftFair so we can see the show from your eyes. See you then!!!

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  1. D. Scollo says:

    I was at the fair today can you tell me a way to get in touch with the man who had paintings of Pubs? I took a picture of one Pubs of Gainsville, and a friend wants to buy one! Thank you!

  2. How does one sign up to “exhibit” at an upcoming show in the Port Charlotte area IF and when the time is upcoming?

    How does one find out the answers to all the questions concerning how to get an exhibit or booth… if you need to make your own booth or rent a booth or just set up a table???

    Where is this information available Please?


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