Buying Art As A Gift

If there’s a pending occasion and buying a gift is imperative, consider buying art but consider it wisely. Not just any art will do, there are several things to consider. Here we outline a few.

  1. Does the recipient already have a favorite artist they collect? Many people are quite dedicated to a particular artist, collecting their work extensively and perhaps exclusively. Then, your task will be to find something they don’t already have or that fits with their home or office theme or décor.
  1. Does the recipient enjoy a particular artistic style? When you visit this person, look around. Do they already have some art they enjoy? Does their taste stay in the realm of realism or go more towards abstract? Are they drawn to some of the old masters or something more modern?
  1. Does the recipient have a space for it? Perhaps there’s a wall in their home or office that is just screamingly bare. Or, maybe there is a piece of art hanging around that just doesn’t fit anymore and could be replaced.
  1. What color would be best? While you’re considering the space the art might live, consider the colors in that room. Is there a dominant color theme? Is there an accent color that would be nice to bring out in a piece of art? Is there a color that may liven up a dark space or tone down a loud space?
  1. What medium of art would be best: a painting, sculpture, photography, or what? There are so many forms of art and some can really speak to the soul of the gift recipient because of what they are and perhaps what they’re made of. Often the best part of owning art is telling its story to guests.
  1. Lastly, what subjects would the recipient enjoy? You can search your mind for things you know that person likes, considering their hobbies, lifestyle, and intimate things you know about them. Perhaps you could find something commemorative of times shared together. Look at it. Feel what you feel looking at it. If it feels good, go for it!

At Howard Alan Events, it’s our pleasure to work with countless, extremely talented artists. Anyone shopping for a gift at our art festivals can feast on a smorgasbord of options to consider. If you see something that appeals to you, enlist the help of the artist to narrow it down to just the right selection. Some artists can even arrange shipping for you.

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