Create A Memorable Holiday Season

Looking for a fun and meaningful way to bring your loved ones together this holiday season? Learning a craft together is a very empowering and bonding activity. Families, friends and neighbors have been coming together for thousands of years to craft handmade items. It fosters creativity and creates lasting community bonds.

You could create a quilting or crochet circle, make handmade gifts or decorations for the holidays, or knit something nice for the needy. There is nothing like connecting with the ones you love, making something with your own hands, something you can enjoy for years or have the joy of giving away. The conversations alone are priceless!

We never stop learning, so both aging and developing young minds need a creative outlet. Crafting provides a great opportunity to use our imaginations. Aside from creating meaningful gifts and decorations that will be cherished for years to come, parents and kids can enjoy important benefits including:

Family Crafts

  • Improving problem solving and teamwork skills.
  • Fostering a lifetime of interest in art.
  • Helping reduce stress and improve brain focus.
  • Learning how to follow directions in a systematic manner.
  • Improving hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Engaging the mind while having an engrossing reason to relax together.
  • Enjoying quality time to discuss your child’s interests, life concerns, and how they are doing in school.
  • Building positive self-esteem with a sense of creative accomplishment.

Apps & Online Resources

There are wonderful resources and tutorials available for learning crafting with your children. The iPad and smartphone app “Craft-A-Day: Winter Edition” provides easy-to-follow instructions, free downloadable patterns/templates, links for supplies, fun animations, and challenges you to make something crafty every day of the season! Your family can share photos of your homemade crafts via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever you hang out! Be sure to tag us @CraftFestivals and let’s hashtag it #CraftingTheHolidays.

The site, offers free crafting lessons for painting, knitting, cross-stitch, decoupage, crochet, candle-making, stenciling and much more. Visit this site to find age appropriate projects for toddlers, tweens or teenagers. And, of course, YouTube offers an abundant selection of tutorials for learning the most basic to the most advanced crafting skills.

Meaningful Fun

When you’ve created with your own hands something special for the holidays, year after year the finished product will remind you of the shared experience of making it! Don’t worry if you aren’t crafty by nature, with the step-by-step resources available, you’ll be an accomplished crafter in no time. If not, hopefully you had some fun doing it!

For crafters who want to make professional income from their passion, join us at American Craft Endeavors and get a booth at one of our craft festivals. The season is starts back up next month! Click to check the calendar on the website.

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