Diana-making-jewelryWe design and handcraft fun, lightweight and beautiful metal earrings and pendants. We have a lot of our metal pieces custom made and plated for us in Rhode Island and we scour vintage shops, catalogs, and bead shows for other metal pieces we can use in our designs. Because we are always finding new metals, we are constantly dreaming up new styles! We design as a team, and then Diana makes every pair while Ted supervises! The ear wires are surgical steel but by using plated metals, we can sell them at a reasonable price. This way other earring lovers can afford to join us in our personal mission to have 365 different designs – one for every day of the year!

We bring all our metal pieces to each show we attend so we can customize earrings and pendants for each customer. When a customer invents a new style, we name it after them on our website!

Cell: (321)544-4444
Email: sunmetaljewelry@gmail.com
Web: http://www.SunMetalJewelry.com
Facebook: http://Facebook.com/SunMetalJewelry
Twitter: @SunMetalJewelry
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sunmetaljewelry

Angle of the Dangle Gold and Copper Earrings
Close to My Silver Heart Pendant
Silver Silver Who Loves Silver
Bond Girl Earrings and Pendant set
SunMetal Jewelry Craft Show Booth

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  1. Nancy hood says:

    I didn’t get an opportunity to return and purchase a bracelet that I wanted. It was gold and silver. It was a flat band that was about an inch and half wide. Hope that rings a bell for you. Reminded me of tapestry

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