IMG00495-20120310-0925Dichroic glass stumbled into Christine’s world 15 years ago and she has been creating with this wonderful material ever since. In High School, she majored in jewelry for three consecutive years, followed by a two year completion course in “Goldsmithing and Jewelry” at Mirror Lake Tomlinson in 1985.

Setting stones and doing repairs didn’t offer her the type of rewards that she was looking for. So, years later, through KARMA (which she deeply believes in) dichroic glass was being gifted to her from all angles. In coasters, jewelry, wall plaques. She did not know understand exactly what made this great glass sparkle, but knew her friends were onto something. Soon, to her surprise, this medium was her soul’s calling that started up Floridafusion in 2000.

Since this time, she has taught herself how to turn glass into magic through glass workshops, books and some trial and errors. Years later, she continues to exhibit her Dichroic Glass Creations at the finest Florida art venues (primarily Howard Alan Events). During off season she sells her art on Clearwater Beach, Pier 60, which also happens to be her hometown.

During her summer long break (from the show circuit), she remains focused on designing new creations for the upcoming Art Show Season.

Her methods are fusing dichroic glass and lamp working beads for which she uses a hot head torch. She still follows her ground roots, by using precious metals to create that one of a kind special piece for each client’s uniquely different taste.

Every season begins a new journey, taking her to new places to share her exciting, new creations with new friends and to show off her newest designs to the well established glass groupies that expect this from her. This year she will make no exceptions. She will be bringing on the BLING!

Cell: (727)542-3285
Studio Phone Number: (727)542-3285


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