dunedinphoto1Nearly 22 years ago, when I started concentrating on my art, I never guessed it would take me where I am today.

I started my life journey working as a carpenter and selling my artwork on the weekends. After five years of building homes, I figured it was time for a change. I quit my full time job and rented a small studio. For three years I worked part time jobs and went door to door selling my art, until I could do what I most enjoyed full time. Having no formal training in the arts, I had considered attending college to better educate myself with the art world. To my surprise I was told by several highly regarded art professors formal training was not to be recommended. Having my own style going in I would only end up confused. “Your work is gallery quality as it is, why would you want to change that?” I was told.

My medium consists of pen and ink and pastels.

Cell: (727)327-6068
Studio Phone Number: (727)327-6068
Email: mike@blueislandgraphics.com
Web: http://www.blueislandgraphics.com
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mikesvintageart

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