OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have been making whimsical clay figures since 1988. I try to make them fun for the buyers and fun for them and their friends to look at. The artwork has expanded over the last 26 years as I have tried new ideas and perfected new methods. New artwork is always coming into my head and new techniques for making it more whimsical and more fun are a constant, ongoing process. My bright colors are a signature part of my work, as is the blending of those colors through my airbrush techniques.

The figures are all sculpted from blocks of clay. They are then fired in one of my kilns to harden them. Then the colors are applied, and back into the kiln again up to a bit over 1800 degrees. Then the clear glaze is applied and the figures are again fired in the kiln to get the finished artwork.

Cell: (863)241-0553
Studio Phone Number: (954)684-2047
Email: aartvarkstudios2@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.aartvarkstudios.com

Brunette with orange and red striped blouse
Daisy mirror
Big Kahuna
Woof Dogs

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  1. Sally Jayson says:

    Pls let me know all the colors your dogs come in. I love them. And send prices.

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