26th Annual St. Armands Art Festival

STARMADSAs we return to Sarasota this weekend for the 26th Annual St. Armands Art Festival, we can’t help but notice this deliciously cool November we are currently enjoying in Florida. Can you believe it’s already November? Thanksgiving is just around the corner … and that’s just the beginning! With a couple of major holidays on the horizon, it’s really time to pen a list and start the holiday shopping. Jewelry, paintings, glass, ceramics … you can find it all at Howard Alan events  like this weekend’s St. Armands Art Festival. Something will surely jump out at you as the perfect gift for someone you love!


Pelican-hiresThis weekend, at the St. Armands Art Festival, one lucky patron will win the free giveaway by the featured artist, Deborah Marucci. Believe us, you don’t want to miss this weekend’s giveaway! The St. Armands Art Festival featured artist is a very unique artist whose dimensional details and rich, colorful subjects have made her one of our favorites.

Debbie Marucci is a mixed media artist who combines her two favorite artforms — sculpting and painting — into something visually striking and simply unforgettable. Originally from Ohio, where she earned her BFA from Youngstown State University, Debbie has made art her entire life. She taught art in inner city schools, did visual merchandising for stores, and even designed dance wear. Along with her husband Lenny, Debbie owned a store that sold handcrafted toys, furniture, and clothing that they designed and created. In 2000, after bringing up three children in Ohio, Debbie and Lenny moved to Venice, Florida, where they enjoy traveling and showing their work at art shows — like this weekend’s St. Armands Circle Art Festival!

If it’s true what Debbie says, that “art is the language of the spirit,” then she is deeply fluent. Using art as a non-verbal tool of communication gives Debbie the power to share her spirit and her intuitively-driven artwork with art lovers. Her approach is certainly palpable in this weekend’s giveaway piece, “Baby Pelican,” a unique 24″ sculptural painting made of aluminum and valued at $625.

Debbie Marucci’s “Baby Pelican” could be yours to keep or give away for the holidays if you’re the winner of the Featured Art Giveaway!


DobermanSome of the other talent you’ll find this weekend includes the digital art of Jane and Gregg Billman. These vibrant, modern prints of dogs (virtually every dog you can think of) can brighten up any room. Check out more of their work on their website.

Boudreau BoxWho wouldn’t love a beautiful box as a holiday gift? The unique handcrafted exotic wood boxes made by Donald Boudreau are truly exquisite. No dyes or stains are used; only the beauty of the wood is visible through the hand buffed oil and wax finish. Click to learn more.

Larry Hughes SetYou can’t really go wrong buying jewelry as a gift for someone special, especially if they’re female. If you know someone who’d enjoy bold, striking designs, check out the gold and silver work of Larry Hughes. We’re adding this one to our wishlist! Click to see more.

We’re excited to see you at the festival this weekend — and we want to share in the fun with you through social media! Take some pics of the festival and add the hashtag #HAEArtFest so we can check out how much fun you’re having. Of course, if you haven’t already, you need to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And, for a sneak preview of some of the art you can expect to see this weekend — check out the St. Armands Art Festival Pinterest board we created for you!

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