The CityPlace Fine Art & Plant Show

cityplaceWest Palm Beach is getting a special treat this weekend as Howard Alan Events debuts a new fall festival with its CityPlace Fine Art and Plant Show this Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 22-23, starting at 10 a.m. in the beautifully trendy CityPlace shopping district. With so many shops, restaurants and family-friendly spots, CityPlace is the perfect location for one of our newest and most exciting shows in South Florida. We hope you’ll think so too!

The CityPlace Fine Art and Plant Show combines both exquisite art from local, regional and national artists with gorgeous varieties of plants and flowers — a bit of “natural art,” if you will. From orchids to bamboo and everything in between — bromeliads and flowering trees, to name a few — enjoy the best of nature’s artistic bounty as you explore the works of sculptors, painters, photographers, jewelry makers and more.

JellyfishThis weekend’s Featured Art Giveaway is a nod to another breathtaking work of natural art: the sea! North Palm Beach native and nature and underwater photographer Mike Bacon has been sharing his talent with the world for 28 years. His photos have been featured in some of the most prestigious publications and venues in the world, including National Geographic, Readers Digest and Discovery.

As impressive as those credits are, nothing about Mike is more impressive than his incredibly vibrant, beautiful and colorful body of work. An artist with a love for travel, his pieces give us a glimpse of an almost surreal and brightly-hued other world, one that can only be fairly captured with the lens of a camera.

A perfect example of that is this weekend’s giveaway, titled “Spinecheek Clownfish.” This limited edition 30″ x 40″ gallery wrapped canvas giclee, valued at $385, was taken in Papua, New Guinea, as the fish found itself inside a very rare white anemone. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime shot that Mike expertly captured, and this weekend, one lucky patron gets to take this piece home and enjoy that shot for a lifetime. How do you win? All you have to do is show up and sign up for the drawing at Mike Bacon’s booth this weekend. No purchase is necessary.

Excited about seeing some great art with just the right touch of nature? Here are some other artists you’ll see at this weekend’s CityPlace Fine Art and Plant Show in West Palm Beach!

sharonsegalSharon Segal, painting, This whimsical Florida artist combines bright colors, shapes and textures to bring her imagination to life. A sixth-grade teacher who incorporates art in her classroom, Sharon aims to please with adorable pieces that bring a smile to the faces of everyone who comes across her work.
• Don Marksz, jewelry, Beautiful sterling silver jewelry that speaks to our natural sensibilities is hard to find, but Don Marksz achieves that perfectly. With custom-made pieces that capture the essence of natural beauty, whether creating a sterling cuff or a gemstone ring, Don is a master craftsman with an eye for detail.
• Gary Odmark, oil paintings, Marine artist Gary “G.W.” Odmark has been capturing seascapes for about 40 years, delivering powerful, expressive work that represents the complexities of life by the water. With a keen understanding of this type of natural landscape, Gary’s work brings these images to life thanks to well-honed technique and growing popularity over the years.
Have you considered plants as a gift item for someone on your shopping list? Whether you’re looking for an orchid as a gift or a tree to plant in your own garden, you can chat with knowledgeable vendors like Jose Exposito, Geoff Coolidge, Shawn Toyloy, Laurel Priess and more.

We look forward to seeing you in West Palm Beach this weekend and don’t forget to share your experiences and shopping finds on our social media communities: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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