image10Sailing to exotic locations, filled with the promise of escape and tropical colors, are what inspire me most. Art and the sea are my passion. Working as a freelance private yacht chef for the last 15 years has allowed me access to unforgettable and secluded destinations, and given me the freedom to paint at my leisure for weeks at a time between my trips. I am actively involved in art shows and fundraising events for reef, marine life and coastal conservation, notably nonprofit organizations like Coastal Conservation Association of South Florida and Gumbo Limbo Nature Center of Boca Raton, FL.
My paintings are described as representational, very detailed and realistic and sometimes impressionistic. All are inspired by my love of nature and ocean. They express tranquility, solitude and freedom. I document all my travels with camera in hand and then paint from my photos back in my Fort Lauderdale little blue house, in the company of my two Goffin Cockatoo parrots, Tiki and Nimba.

I have the utmost respect for nature and painting is my favorite way of expressing my appreciation of a tropical lifestyle. Life is an endless adventure for me, every day is an opportunity to tell a new story and capture the beauty that surrounds me through my paintings.

Cell: (954)224-4341
Studio Phone Number: (954)224-4341
Twitter: sashelleart


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