San Marco Art Festival

sanmarcoJacksonville art lovers, rejoice! It’s time again for one of the most popular art festivals in Florida. This year, we will continue in our new tradition for the 15th Annual San Marco Art Festival, happening this weekend, Saturday, Nov. 15 and Sunday, Nov. 16 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the San Marco neighborhood.

These past couple of weeks we’ve been reminding you to check out the art festivals for unique and eclectic holiday gifts. This week, we want to tell you some of the reasons why you should consider doing your holiday shopping at an art festival.

When you shop at an art festival, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind item. Chances are, if you purchased a gift at an art festival, you won’t have to worry about someone else owning the exact same piece you just bought for someone else. This element of uniqueness can make the gift more striking.
1604748_10152752445789027_6642836431874632092_nShopping at an art festival means supporting local and regional artists. When you support artists in an art festival, you’re supporting hard-working artists in your area and beyond.
An art festival gift is a perfect way to introduce someone to the art world. When you’re buying for an art lover, art festivals are a great shopping destination. But, what about for those who may not really know much about art? YES! There is something for everyone at an art festival, and who knows? This may be the introduction to the art world that your loved one needed.
When you buy from an art festival vendor, you’re supporting small business. When you purchase something from an art vendor at an art festival, you’re investing in entrepreneurs and small businesses, helping them to grow and continue the work that they do.


There are many different kinds of art on display at a Howard Alan Events festival. Here are some of the artists you can expect to see at this year’s San Marco Art Festival:

Igor Menaker, photography, There are simply no words to describe the photography of Russian-born photographer Igor Menaker. His work takes us on a trip to places rarely seen so beautifully. Don’t miss the chance to meet him and get to know more about his artform.
evergladeoasislyonsartChristine Lyons, painting, This native South Floridian, who is now residing in Jacksonville, loves bright and bold colors, as demonstrated in her beautiful abstract paintings. If you’re searching for the perfect abstract piece for a collector’s gift, don’t leave the art festival without stopping at her booth.
John Coburn, pottery, John Coburn’s a unique kind of potter. With an engineering degree in Ceramic Science and many years working in functional pottery making, he understands the uniqueness of the material he works with. From vases to microwaveable kitchen ware, John uses that understanding to create one-of-a-kind functional pieces that must be seen in person.
David O’Neal, wood, Musical instruments can be works of art too, as is the case with David O’Neal’s breathtaking custom wood flutes. These flutes, made in the tradition of North America’s native peoples, are handcrafted with love using either one block or many blocks of wood. Check David out at the San Marco Art Festival this weekend!
risingmoonflutes Scott and Victoria LaCosse, metal art, The use of metal in art makes for such exciting and interesting works of art. As masters of turning steel into lovely and elegant pieces, Scott and Victoria LaCosse know all about making incredible metal art. Make sure to stop by their booth this weekend and learn more about their process!

Don’t forget to check for show schedule information. Also, post your photos at the festival online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #HAEArtFest so we can enjoy the festival from your eyes!

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