Craig-Dietrich-MeFrom an early age, Craig felt the need to express himself artistically. The first time he picked up a camera, he knew he had found the perfect outlet for his creativity and sparked what would become a life altering passion for photography. Craig served our country as a Naval photographer during both Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, when he was given the opportunity to travel the world and his thirst for adventure was born.

Learning to scuba dive in his 20s, Craig loved the peace and tranquility the underwater world afforded him—so much that he became a scuba instructor. Longing to share that world with others, he put together his two greatest loves and ventured into the world of underwater photography.

Craig’s award-winning work has been displayed and sold in upscale galleries from coast to coast, from Carmel, California, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Collectors from around the globe are counted among Craig’s clientele. His limited edition pieces are presented in the unique medium of high quality aluminum, creating unmatched vibrancy and mastery in each piece of art, making them a worthy addition to any collection.

Cell: (954)999-7483
Twitter: @dietrichuwater

Motherly Love
Takin' A Dive
Clowning Around
Pucker Up
Beauty and the Beast

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