Downtown Delray Beach Festival of the Arts

delrayfotaAs we approach this weekend’s 26th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Festival of the Arts, we are grateful for the outpouring of support and involvement from patrons, sponsors and artists. These days, with technology advancing at a rapid pace and online communication practically taking over the world, we’ve become much more conscious of the importance of building and maintaining our online communities.

We know you spend time on Facebook. Some of you like to check out Twitter. Most of you have your own websites, and a great portion of you are, like us, completely addicted to Pinterest. We are no doubt excited to communicate everything we can about our festivals with you through these methods, and it’s working.

But our online sites are more than just a way of keeping you informed. We want to know more about YOU. If you’re a participating artist, we want to know what your passions and inspirations are, what you are selling, where and when, your contact info for patrons to get to know  your work outside of our art festivals, etc. If you’re a patron — first-time or frequent — you are part of our HAE family as well! We want to know all about your likes and dislikes. Ask questions, interact and be a part of the experience. We want to get to know you all!

Art by Sharon Kusha

Art by Sharon Kusha

Here are some ways our patrons, artists and fans can interact with us online:

Our Facebook PageWith a little over 27,000 folks who have liked our page, this is a great place to interact with us. Participating artists can post on our wall and share comments, photos of their work, and information on where patrons can find them when they arrive at the show. If you’re a fan or patron, we want you to interact as well! More importantly, help us reach as many people all over the world as we can, so they can learn more about what they’ll find at a HAE event. How? By sharing our page and asking at least ten friends to like and share.

Our Pinterest BoardsWe admit it, we’re sort of obsessed with Pinterest, but can you blame us? Check out our Pinterest boards and see the art that makes our shows so special. One of our favorite boards, however, is one that YOU can add to! Be a part of our “Share your favorite artwork” board and pin away!

Monika Fairchild

Monika Fairchild Jewelry

Our InstagramArt is a largely visual medium and, as such, Instagram affords us the opportunity to give you a visual representation of who we are. From live festival photos and videos to inspirational quotes that get us going, our Instagram is a great way to get to know us. If you’re on Instagram and are attending a HAE festival, take pics, upload them and add the hashtag #HAEArtFest so we can find you and like your pics too!

Our Twitter. Twitter is just another way where we can share information about our festivals — and hear about your experiences too. The #HAEArtFest hashtag works there too, so feel free to follow us (@ArtFestivals) send us a direct message or just tag us and use that hashtag to spread the word. Feel free to include us in your Follow Friday tweets, too!

Our Artfestival Blog and Exhibitor GalleryOf course you’re reading all of this on our blog. But did you know you can comment on our blogs as well? Share your experiences at our festivals and tell us about your favorite artists. Through our blog, you can also access the Exhibitor Gallery. For participating artists, this is a great marketing tool and an excellent way to interact with artists. For patrons, it’s a great way to get to know your favorites and where to find them online.

"Eruption" by Steven Lloyd

“Eruption” by Steven Lloyd

There you have it! So, as you get to know us online, let us get to know you as well! We are excited to see you this weekend at the Downtown Delray Beach Festival of the Arts, happening in Downtown Delray Beach from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Be sure to bring the whole family to this free, all-ages event, and don’t forget to enter the Featured Art Giveaway, where you can win “Eruption”, a piece by our featured artist, Steven Lloyd.

Art by Pavlina Alea

Art by Pavlina Alea

We love Steven’s masterful manipulation of metal into brilliant works of art that any collector would be proud of — and we think you will love it too. Plus, you’ll have a chance to talk to him and get to know his process.

Other artists you can look forward to seeing: Pavlina Alea and her delicate depiction of life through painting; Monika Fairchild and her stunning jewelry; Petr Bednarik and his magnificent nature-inspired photography; and Sharon Kusha, a staple artist at Howard Alan Events whose paintings are simply one of a kind.

We hope to see you at this weekend’s festival — and online!

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  1. Len Leader says:

    i am trying to find the name and contact information of a vendor that displayed this month at the delray arts festival . he was a leather craftsman and had ” man bags ” that i am interested in buying . please send me this information , thanks , Len Leader

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