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Jewelry by Megan Horan

For 20 years, St. Pete Beach’s Corey Area has been one of our favorite spots to relax, interact with locals, and introduce folks to some of the best crafters today. This weekend, we’re excited to be back in one of our most treasured Gulf Coast venues for the 21st Annual St. Pete Beach Corey Area Craft Festival. Come visit us Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. as crafters from all over the nation converge on this popular site with families and friends.

Crafting isn’t just good for the people who do it. It’s good for the people who enjoy crafted items as well! Whether you’re a fan of custom furniture or handcrafted jewelry, a beautifully made, handcrafted piece can change a person’s outlook, make their life easier or make them feel their very best.


Art by Sergey Cherep

The wonderful group of participating crafters assembled by American Craft Endeavors for each festival is composed of dedicated, talented and caring individuals who are eager to share their talent, their time and their creative process with patrons. Needless to say, an ACE craft show is more than just a place to go to see cool crafts — it’s a place where patrons can learn, make meaningful connections with others and enjoy the experience of crafts together.

Here are a few of the talented crafters you’ll have a chance to meet this weekend:

Megan Horan, jewelry. With jewelry that is vibrant, intricately crafted and perfect for any occasion, Megan’s debut showing with ACE at this weekend’s craft festival is sure to be a success.

Sergey Cherep, painting. Sergey’s emotive imagery is just one of many reasons why he is popular. His colorful depictions of life as inspired by the world that surrounds him are exquisitely created and beautifully presented.


Wearable art by Ellen Hilleary

Erin Hilleary, textiles. Erin Hilleary’s breathtaking wearable art represents everything we love about this festival. Her pieces are gorgeous, bright homages to the complex relationship between color and texture.

John Raya, sculptor. John’s take on the animal kingdom is one you definitely don’t want to miss. In his hands, creatures come alive by way of his enormous talent. You won’t want to leave the festival without one of those little guys.

Will Byers, ceramics. When it comes to crafts, it can be difficult to hug the line between artistic and functional. Will Byers happily merges both, with functional ceramics that are both decorative and useful. What a perfect gift for those who love clay and ceramic art.


Ceramic art by Will Byers

Here are some reasons why you should make plans to be at Corey Area this weekend for the St. Pete Beach Corey Area Craft Festival:

  1. One-of-a-kind, handcrafted gifts for every taste and budget. Come with a pocket full of cash or just with a few dollars.Whatever it is you’re hoping to find, we promise you’ll find something to love within your budget.
  2. The chance to make new friends, learn about crafting and find inspiration. All crafters will be on hand to not only sell their pieces, but to share their insights about their craft and to get to know patrons and share their creative process with them. So, even if you don’t leave with a piece for your collection, you may leave having made a new friend.
  3. Supporting small business in a relaxed, outdoor setting. Each of these participating crafters is not only an artist, but also an entrepreneur. What better way to show your support for small business and local entrepreneurship than to attend an outdoor venue that showcases just that?
  4. Great family-friendly atmosphere of fun and excitement. Our craft festivals are exactly what family days are made for: great fun, live entertainment, friendly people, all against an amazing Florida backdrop. It’s the ideal event to create cherished memories.
  5. Free admission and open to all ages. Free admission, and open to all ages. Need we say more?

We can’t wait to see you this weekend at the St. Pete Beach Corey Area Craft Festival! Be sure to check us out and like us on Facebook at to stay up to date on the latest news, and visit our page at to learn more about how to become a participating crafter.

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