Downtown Stuart Art Festival

Ilkin Deniz

Boat in bosphorus, charcoal and acrylic by Ilkin Deniz

Have you ever thought about becoming an art collector? Contrary to what many may think, collecting art isn’t just for millionaires and gallery owners. Anyone can collect art, regardless of finances or profession. If you are a fan of art, you can start your own collection this weekend at the 25th Anniversary Downtown Stuart Art Festival!

For many of us, starting an art collection started out as a fun hobby. We saw a piece we liked, bought it, and put it on display in our home. Before we knew it, we had too many art pieces to count — and we still enjoy every single piece we own. The thing is, there are no prerequisites for becoming a collector; appreciating art, in one or all of its forms, is the only thing you need to start.

Blown glass vase by Mayauel Ward

Blown glass vase by Mayauel Ward

We all know art has the power to evoke emotion, inspire thought, and open our minds. Imagine seeing a piece that makes you feel all of those things, then imagine being able to feel that way all the time. Art collecting allows you to do just that! Of course, the more you admire your favorite pieces, the more you cherish them, and the more your love and appreciation for art grows. You can’t lose.

Not sure how to get started on your art collecting journey? Start by finding a medium and artists you love. This weekend’s show in beautiful and historical Stuart is just the place to do it. You don’t have to narrow it down to just one — you can collect as many pieces representing as much media as you’d like — but if you’re not sure how to begin collecting, that’s certainly a place to start.

David Campbell Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame by David Campbell

Do you enjoy paintings? You must check out Ilkin Deniz and his true-to-life acrylics that honor the beauty of the Mediterranean. If sculptures are your thing, David Campbell‘s fascinating stone sculptures are sure to add life to any collection you start. But what if metal art is more your style? Steve Anderson‘s awesome metal art is definitely one to check out. Blown glass aficionados will appreciate the vivid detail in Mayauel Ward‘s artistry. Even fans of clay and ceramic works can find something they adore among Kate Lally‘s soothing pieces of art.

Copper & brass sailing sloop with dolphins by Steve Anderson

Copper & brass sailing sloop with dolphins by Steve Anderson

The important thing is to find pieces that speak to you and that make you feel excited about art. The best part is that you don’t have to be a Rockefeller to start your very own collection — there’s art for every budget out there, and pieces to suit every taste! What’s more, we often forget that artists are many times also business owners — they are living on their art. Don’t be shy about spreading the word on your latest find! Your art will thank you and, more importantly, your favorite artist will thank you too.

So this weekend, as you stroll through the 25th Anniversary Downtown Stuart Art Festival, listening to live music and enjoying the sights and sounds of this beautiful little South Florida town, keep your eyes open for the perfect first piece for your new art collection.

Endless Summer by Zsuzsanna Luciano.

Endless Summer by Zsuzsanna Luciano.

Don’t forget to enter the Featured Art Giveaway, where you can take home what could become a favorite part of your new photography collection. Zsuzsanna Luciano‘s gorgeous “Endless Summer” can be yours simply by attending this weekend’s art festival in Stuart and entering the giveaway!

The world needs more art lovers and collectors. Become one this weekend at the 25th Anniversary Downtown Stuart Art Festival. Go on our Facebook page today and share with us the first piece in your art collection!

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