Downtown Delray Beach Craft Festival

POP QUIZ: What do spring cleaning and crafting have in common? We’re sure you’ve got tons of junk in your attic, basement or closet that you have no use for. When you can’t donate something, and you can’t really use it, the best solution is to throw it away, right?

Night LightWRONG! Your trash can quickly become your treasure as you find crafting projects that can bring cherished gadgets and gizmos back to life. With spring break approaching, you have a unique chance to get your whole family into crafting while you’re getting them to help you clean your home from clutter. What better way to spend quality time with your family than to turn a break filled with chores into a vacation inspired by creativity and fun? It’s a win-win!

Not sure where to get started? Here are some ideas to shake things up:

• Turn those pairs of raggedy pants into fashionable work aprons with just a few simple cuts. There are many tutorials online that can teach you how to “upcycle” old pants and give them new and fashionable uses for everyone in your home.

• Many of us go overboard with school supplies at the beginning of the school year and, no matter how much we try to use them up, we can never seem to get rid of the excess. Why not create a fun scrapbook for the kids to keep their favorite memories on? Or how about a household planner, or a photo album?

• Is your kitchen cluttered with containers and glass jars you no longer use? A little paint and some creativity can turn those glass space hogs into beautiful decorative vases, planters and storage bins.

PosterThis weekend’s 18th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Craft Festival is a great place to get some cool ideas for things you might want to try. Buy some pieces for inspiration, decoration, or simply as new and interesting showcase pieces in your newly cleaned home. There will be something for everyone, suiting every budget and style. And even your little ones will be inspired by our amazing crafters and small business entrepreneurs, who have turned their passion into a lifetime’s work.

For instance, Danny Wilde of Glass Bottle Guys takes ordinary glass bottles and turns them into cool, functional nightlights. From soda to beer bottles, these nightlights make ideal gifts for the bottle collector in your life.

If stoneware and pottery is where it’s at for you, then you’ll love Tracy Bradford’s collection of beautiful pots and kitchenware. As you do your spring cleaning, consider replacing the old with new, gorgeous pieces from Tracy’s collection.

We love quilted goods, and not many folks do quilting better than Robin Short. Be sure to check out her quilts and quilted crafts at the Downtown Delray Beach Craft Festival this weekend, and make plans to take home something you love.

The Perfect ViewBob and Patti Stern know all about giving the old a new look. Their love of creativity coupled with their artistic vision helps them bring wood furnishings and antiques back to life. Be sure to stop by The Perfect View to check out their wonderful work!

Those who love florals and plants, there is a place in crafting for you, too, as you’ll see when you stop by Suzi Fromm‘s beautiful booth. Suzi creates breathtaking decorative silk florals in a variety of styles to suit every personality. Be sure to stop by and get your very own arrangement.

This weekend, bring your family to the 18th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Craft Festival happening from 10AM to 5 PM at 4th and Atlantic Avenues in Delray Beach, Florida, and show your family how spring cleaning can also mean crafting fun. Admission is free and open to the public. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on info, and don’t forget about our Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well. See you this weekend!

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