IMG_20141009_185059 My journey into jewelry design began one Christmas when I was around eight or nine. My grandmother gave me a giant box filled with every type of bead, string, wire, clasp, and tool that I would need to jump right in and start creating. It was like a treasure chest for me and remains to this day one of the best gifts I have ever received. In high school I would bring my jewelry to school and sell to my classmates during lunch. I also started to participate in small craft shows in and around my hometown. Fast forward a few years to when I studied jewelry design at FIT in NYC while also working at a high end jewelry store and apprenticing with the store’s master jewelers. My aspiration was always to become a fine jewelry designer, working in traditional fabrication methods of casting and metalwork. As I continued to work toward this goal I became pregnant with my first child and could not in good conscience expose myself and my child to the chemicals and fumes that accompany those processes. So I turned back to my first love, beads, and I haven’t looked back since. As my children grew, I continuously worked to hone and perfect my technique until I achieved my vision of creating fine jewelry with gemstone beads, pearls, and precious metal wire. Every piece of my jewelry tells a story and has an inspiration, whether from nature, a certain historical period, or the materials themselves. I constantly seek out unique, character filled gemstones that you don’t see in traditional fine jewelry. I consider all my designs to be wearable sculpture. Every piece I design is absolutely one of a kind, which ensures that the art jewelry you choose is as unique and special as you are.

Desert Flower Statement Necklace
Burnt Waves Cuff Bracelet
Royal Wrap Statement Necklace
Rose Wrap Statement Bracelet
Alpine Flower Cuff Bracelet

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