IMG_18701I started making soap for my friends and family in 2011. With their support, I have been able to go to Farmers Markets and Art and Craft Fairs in the area. Since this is my full time job now, I have been able to travel to the Florida area this year with ACE. In the past two years, I have expanded my line of products, and change my line for every season.

My goal is to provide my customers with the highest quality handmade soaps. By doing so, I use high quality essential oils and fragrances along with glycerin based soap. Glycerin is a humectant that is capable of drawing moisture towards your skin and locks the water molecules there. This keeps your skin hydrated constantly and gives it a moist feeling. Glycerin soap is very mild and gentle on the skin and can even help in relieving symptoms of certain skin disorders.

I felt that in the busy world we live in today, we all need to take a couple of minutes to pamper ourselves … because nothing is too good for the Queen Bee that we have in all of us!

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