Downtown Sarasota Art & Craft Festival

Judith Dam of Fairy Tales on Parade

Judith Dam dress, Fairy Tales on Parade

Spring is just around the corner, and with it the color trends we love so much. From jewelry to clothing, keeping up with color trends helps you stay stylish, vibrant, and in season.

This year, Pantone has announced its Spring Color Trends for 2015, and we’re really loving the bright but mellow vibe hitting this season. Whether you’re a crafter looking for some color inspiration or a craft lover in search of the perfect trendy spring stock, these color trends will give your imagination that boost you’re looking for.

This spring season is all about cool, soft shades that resonate with nature. Inspired earthy, mellow tones are all the rage, although there are a couple of bright hues that stand out without standing apart from the palette. Here are some of our favorite colors this season.

Pantone Scuba BlueScuba Blue. This is one vibrant turquoise hue! What we love about this shade of blue is that it fits well with the palette without being obnoxiously bright. Remember the standouts over the stand-aparts? This is what we meant.

Toasted Almond. What a gorgeous shade of beige! You can’t go wrong with a muted, creamy color like this one this season. Easy to coordinate with, cool color, and an equally great look on clothing as well as accessories.

Strawberry Ice. This fun, chilled-out pink reminds us of delicious strawberry lemonade. No doubt this is a color that inspires fresh, cool vibes all around — quintessentially spring.

Tangerine. We love tangerine for many reasons, not least of which is how it reminds us of sunshine, warmth, and joy. Tangerine is just a joyous color! Invigorating, energetic, but still soft, this shade of orange is one of our favorites.

Custard. Who can think of spring without thinking of yellow? Don’t let the name fool you, though; this subtle yellow shade is less bright lemon and more yummy lemon meringue, an ideal complementary hue for the rest.

Treetop. Green can be a hit-or-miss for many, but this green is an absolute hit! Earth-inspired and cool, this green is still vibrant enough to bring out the best in jewelry, clothing, and more.

Titanium. This year’s color trends include a couple of shades of gray, but this is our favorite. Rich enough to stand on its own, but muted enough to complement other colors, Titanium is one shade of gray you don’t want to miss.

Lavender Herb. The name alone conjures up fields of relaxing lavender, doesn’t it? This purple shade is as close as you will get to a perfect spring purple, whether you choose to wear it or display it.

Inspired Jewelry

Chris and Nancy Adamo

As we approach the 13th Annual Downtown Sarasota Arts & Crafts Festival, keep these shades in mind when searching for the perfect additions to your spring collections. Our shows always feature amazing crafts at all pricepoint ranges, from some of the country’s most talented crafters. Here are some of the ones you won’t want to miss, especially as you work to put together your family’s 2015 spring wardrobe.

For amazing jewelry you’ll want to add to your collection, check out Chris and Nancy Adamo of Inspired Jewelry. Whether you’re looking for something casual or dressy, you’ll no doubt find the perfect addition to your jewelry box.

Laibson Purse

Kathryn Laibson purse

Ladies, add a special handbag to your collection by visiting Kathryn Laibson‘s booth. Her earth-inspired pieces will make a unique casual addition to your spring wardrobe.

To get your little ones in the spirit of spring, look no further than Judith Dam of Fairy Tales on Parade. Her kids clothing line is fun, colorful and especially created for your youngest fashionistas.

Delicate hair pieces perfect for springtime are hard to come by, but Kasey Ortoski and Kerry Cleaver of A Whirl and a Twirl have the right idea with their gorgeous collections. Stop by their booth and don’t leave without your favorites.

For home accessories that spread the spring vibe throughout your home, look no further than Two Sisters Sewing by Liz Pierce. From kitchen mitts to tissue box covers, Liz will help you extend your love of spring to your living space.

Don’t forget: The 13th Annual Downtown Sarasota Arts & Crafts Festival happens March 21-22 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s free and open to the public, so bring your whole family and celebrate spring with ACE! Share your pics with us on social media and tag them #ACECraftFest!

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