beckyblairBecky Blair, of inSpiraled, is a former public school art teacher with an appreciation for the often ignored and unexpected. Embracing color and texture, she cuts, tools, and dyes leather and combines the pieces with hammered sterling silver and found objects to create wearable artworks. Favorite items to incorporate into her work include those discovered by chance while exploring roadsides, beaches, and antique stores, as well as finds collected during the five years she and her husband lived and traveled in Asia. Her works have an ethnic feel, without being culture-specific.

While growing up in Richmond, VA, she embraced an intrinsic need to repurpose discoveries into heartfelt works of art. Now living in Charlotte, North Carolina, she still honors a life-long affinity for humble treasures that have a story to tell.

Cell: (803)394-6945

Black Leather Collar with Flowers in Aubergine & Coral
Leather Collar with Patinaed Brass Bow
Sterling Silver Talisman Pendant with Leather Flower

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