1932251_10205482477080635_2195382258735328497_n1I am a self-taught mixed media artist living in the Charleston area.

My art grew from photos of family relatives my grandmother gave me. Inspired, I wanted to tell their stories. Armed with a shared family history, I began down the path I am on today.

I have moved from family photographs to discarded snapshots discovered at estate sales and antique stores who have found their way into my art.

I enlarge the people found in vintage photos and place them on a mixed media background created by means of texture, paint, acrylic mediums, ink, charcoal and ephemera.

I see myself as a storyteller, giving new life to the people left behind in these vintage photos.

Cell: (515)664-3240
Email: artistbrandiebutcher@gmail.com
Web: http://artistbrandiebutcher.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Artist-Brandie-Butcher/458024537623715
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/brandiebutcher/little-pieces-of-art-by-brandie-butcher/

I am Following my Heart
Surrender Your Heart
Only You
Never Be
Empty Nest

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