Camera-pics-7-2007-055After teaching art for 32 years in public schools, I can finally create my own art. No more student examples. So I started out making clay masks and progressed to ceramic sculptures that were large busts of women depicting the trials of life. In December, 2013, my hands were hurting and I couldn’t seem to get them to stop from throbbing after working with the clay all day. In January, 2014, my right thumb “caught” in the down position. The doctor called it trigger finger and I had an outpatient procedure to make my thumb as good as new. The hang up was, I would have to have double carpal tunnel if I continued to work with the clay and any medium that taxed my hands. I considered it to be a sign from above. My task was to find a medium in which I could create, love, and would last from now till the end of my life. I started painting in acrylics in February, 2014 and have been painting scenes from the shore and wildlife since.

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Heron Sunset
Guarding Sunrise
I Know He Watches Me
Egret Harvest

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