23rd Annual Downtown Venice  Craft Festival

Family time is everything, especially during very special holidays, and craft festivals provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate that bond. Crafters, live entertainment, food, shopping and fun are all part of the agenda, but spending quality time together in a beautiful setting is really the ultimate goal. American Craft Endeavors is so proud to be able to bring you that.

Father’s Day is this Sunday! Why not celebrate the dads in our lives and thank them for everything they do at this weekend’s 23rd Annual Downtown Venice Craft Festival? With dozens of crafters on hand to show off their skills and sell unique, handcrafted gifts, it’s an ideal place for dad’s creativity to be sparked — or for you to find the perfect gift to say “I love you!”


John Truffia

Are you still at a loss as to what to find for dear old dad? These Father’s Day finds will be available at the Downtown Venice Craft Festival this weekend, and they’re just an example of the many exciting possibilities you’ll find. Check them out!

1. Exotic wood bottle opener by John Truffia, JB Hardwoods. With summer parties and family gatherings coming up, surely a bottle opener will come in handy! Don’t just make it a plain bottle opener — a custom-made, exotic wood handle piece will impress company and make your dad feel special.


Rachel Watson

2. Marine-inspired wood burning art by Rachel Watson, North by South Creations. For dads who love woodwork, get nature-inspired artwork that stands out. Wood burnt pieces are unique and can be creative additions to any display.

3. Nautical hand blown glass by Michael Liguori, Key West GlassmanMarine lovers will appreciate Michael Liguori’s impressive take on the sea through his glass sculptures. These are must-haves for glass art collecting dads.


David Sigel

4. Original painting by David Sigel, David Sigel Art. Sometimes, a piece of art that conveys emotion or captures a beautiful time and place is all that dad needs to add that touch of relaxation to his office or man-cave. If that’s what you’re looking for, David Sigel is definitely one artist you don’t want to miss.


Nicole Stoner

5. Delicious baked treats by Nicole Stoner, MAK’N BAK’N. Who doesn’t love a delicious baked good? From brownies to pies, Nicole Stoner has you covered with some of your family’s favorite celebratory treats for this weekend.

Celebrate Father’s Day with us this weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Miami Avenue in Downtown Venice for this weekend’s Craft Festival. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more info, and check out www.artfestival.com for this year’s show calendar. Part of 2016 is already posted too.

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  1. kay ash says:

    I have a painting I had done by my friends brother D. Austerday in 1990 and wish I could contact him. He made this painting from a photograph of a light house on lake erie, my home town of Lorain, Ohio. If this could be him or his son I wish he would contact me. my email address is kaiyash42@yahoo.com. Hope I hear something.

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