Art by Alina Eydel

Art by Alina Eydelia

This weekend’s 3rd Annual Madeira Beach Craft Festival is another chance for you and yours to plan a fun beach mini-getaway. Every week we share with you all the reasons why you should come to an American Craft Endeavors craft show. This week, however, we thought we’d go over some beach essentials you need to not only make your craft festival experience a success, but to extend that further into a full weekend trip with the family.

Beach Essentials

1) Protection from the sun. You’re probably aware that Florida in the summer is hot, hot, hot. In fact, this year has seen some of the highest temperatures on record for the state. This means it’s more important than ever to protect your skin from the sun. When packing up your beach bag, don’t forget to include some sunscreen with a high SPF. Be sure to have your favorite floppy hat or beach umbrella handy as well. And sunglasses are a must. Make sure your little ones are well covered.

Art by Brenda Flynn

Art by Brenda Flynn

2) Lots of water. Part of staying healthy, especially in extreme temperatures, is staying cool inside and out. That means keeping yourself hydrated at all times. Have your water bottle handy and be sure to refill it every chance you get. In the heat, it’s even more important to keep up with your fluid consumption to avoid dehydration, fainting spells or worse.

Stone work by Joe Weinstein

Stone work by Joe Weinstein

3) Beach gear. From towels to extra bathing suits, be sure to have your beach gear ready to go when trip day comes along. A change of clothes for each person in your entourage is a pretty safe bet, and the right footwear is essential. Flip-flops are always comfy reminders of where you’re at, but if you’re more at ease in a closed-toe shoe, maybe some beach Crocs or some sliders would work better for you.

Jewelry by Jose Paternoster

Jewelry by Jose Paternoster

4) Entertainment. Who are we kidding — the beach is enough entertainment for you, right? When splashing in the water just isn’t enough, be sure to have a backup ready. Beach toys and games will keep the younger set in your group entertained, while the little ones will enjoy having plenty of pails, shovels and sandcastle-building materials at their disposal. The grown ups might enjoy bringing their iPods or a great summer read.

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Furniture by Rob and Leslie Pemble

5) A Smartphone. Yes, a smartphone! Not to get distracted or to spend the whole time on the phone talking to friends. Your smartphone is the perfect all-in-one tool to help you look up the best spots on the beach, find public parking, check out local eateries, even share your adventures on social media. And since you’ll be attending the 3rd Annual Madeira Beach Craft Festival, you’ll be able to share your experience with us by posting your festival photos on Instagram with the tag #ACECraftFest or to our Facebook wall.

Don’t miss the 3rd Annual Madeira Beach Craft Festival this weekend, one of the newer shows that has quickly become an area tradition. Come see the likes of Brenda Flynn, Jose Paternoster, Alina Eydelia, Rob and Leslie Pemble, and Joe Weinstein, as well as dozens of other incredibly talented crafters as they sell their crafts and share their experiences doing what they love. Get a head start on holiday shopping or simply grab something you like for a great price! To learn more visit us on our website at and stay tuned to our Facebook for details!

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