Fill Your Home and Your Heart With JOY!
You want a unique work of art with a story! I get it!
You didn’t get this far by accident; you’ve worked pretty hard and overcome some rough challenges. You’re a passionate and caring person; you see what’s going on in the world and only wish you could do more.

Your home is gorgeous, or at least it’s getting that way. Or perhaps you are starting fresh with decorating a new home. You’ve conquered all sorts of obstacles to arrive at this point. You get that quality is important and that your choices have a huge impact in helping the artist community thrive. You are willing to pay more for the finer things in life and definitely don’t want mass-produced art from a box store. You want something unique – with a story. Something special you can be proud to own and show off to your friends.

That’s where my work fits in. I’m Callie Gray, an award-winning international artist, and I create vibrantly colorful canvases that I’m passionate about. I want you to get who I am, because my art is infused with my thoughts, my history, my joys and my pains. People tell me my art is “happy art” or that… “it’s so beautiful, it draws me in.” Well, I hope it draws you in, because I want you to love it, I want it to speaks to you, to have a spiritual dialogue with your soul!

Cell: (416) 799-7972


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