For Todd, art is all about inspiration and literally putting that inspiration into someone’s hands. The word ‘art’ comes from an ancient Indo-European language that means ‘to fit together.’ By taking license plates and other recyclable materials, he likes to create something which has the ability to form a connection with someone.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Todd has lived in Colorado since 2001. After owning a successful home improvement business for nine years, he decided to combine his desire to work for himself and his ability to build things into a new creative medium – making custom guitar art out of license plates and other upcycled materials. He hopes to create art with which people can feel an instant connection.

In his Denver-based studio, Todd creates unique guitar art in which everyday objects are altered or detached from their natural function to create a one of a kind sculpture. While he focuses on specific themes to each guitar, custom work can be accomplished as well. Contact Todd directly to discuss options and ideas for your next piece of handmade guitar art.
Cell: (303) 523-4484
Studio Phone Number: (303) 523-4484


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