My name is Enrique Chavez. I have been working in the health field for more than 20 years, but with photography as a hobby and passion.
I make photography as decoration for each part of the house, specially finished in canvases,
The thematic is mostly the surrealism, and macrophotography.
One of my most popular series is called “Double play”, which is an action beginning in one canvas and finishing in the near one, always transmitting movement between them.
Other series are made with splash in water of fruits and vegetables, finished on paper print, using shadowboxes and giving the impression of been really underwater. This series is specially designed to decorated kitchen or dining room.
Cell: (305) 282-2858
Studio Phone Number:
Email: canvas@quiquephotography.com

Web: http://www.QuiquePhotography.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Quique-Photography-315345288667899/timeline/


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